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Attention Authors!

Before diving into the book submission form, take a moment to peruse these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). They’ll give you a clear picture of what to expect from “Alara’s Book Banter” and how to navigate the submission process. Once you’re familiar with the guidelines, please scroll down to find and fill out the submission form. Looking forward to seeing what literary adventures you bring to the banter!


What types of books do you accept for review?

I primarily review romance (in all its forms), urban fantasy, and erotica. I’m all for variety within these genres, but I steer clear of historical romance, time travel, and horror.

Indie author? Self-pubbed? First book? You are welcome here.

Do you accept books that use AI assistance, either in the prose or on the cover?

Absolutely! I welcome books that incorporate AI in their creation, whether it’s in the writing or the cover design. The key for me is quality – as long as the book is well-edited and tells a compelling story, it’s in. Innovation in storytelling is always exciting, and I’m all for embracing new technologies in the literary world.

Do you accept physical copies of books?

Nope, eBooks only. My Kindle is my faithful companion. Please send me your books in a Kindle-friendly format.

Need an audiobook reviewed? It’s not my fav way to consume books, but I’ll consider it and let you know.

How can I submit my book for review?

Easy! Just fill out the book submission form on this page. Make sure to include all the necessary details like book title, genre, synopsis, and your contact information.

How long does it take for you to review a book?

That depends on my current reading queue and personal schedule. I strive to review books in a timely manner, but remember, good reading can’t be rushed!

Will you post a review for every book you receive?

I review books that I finish and rate 3 stars or higher. If I don’t finish a book or it’s below 3 stars, I won’t post a public review. However, I’m happy to provide private feedback directly to the author, upon request.

Can authors request a specific date for the review to be published?

You can certainly request a specific timeframe, and I’ll do my best to accommodate it. But no promises – sometimes life and reading speed don’t cooperate as planned.

What happens if you choose to DNF my book?

If I decide not to finish a book, I won’t post a review. I believe in sharing books that I’m genuinely excited about.

Do you charge for reviews?

Absolutely not. My reviews are free of charge. However, if you’re feeling generous and want to support the blog, feel free to buy me a “cup of coffee” on Ko-fi. Just remember, this doesn’t influence the review process.

How will I know when my book review is posted?

I’ll notify you by email once the review is published. You can also keep an eye on the blog and my social media channels.

Can I share your review on my own website/social media?

Of course! Feel free to share the review, but please credit “Alara’s Book Banter” and link back to the original post.

Submission Form

Please note: This submission form is spread over 3 pages for ease of completion. After filling out each page, you’ll be able to continue to the next. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required, so make sure to fill those in to successfully submit your book for review.

Looking forward to your submissions and getting to know your work!